Strolling Magic

Rafael’s close-up magic consists of personal and intricate sleight of hand, a performance right underneath people’s eyes and hands. These performances uses common objects such as borrowed finger rings, rubber bands, coins, and playing cards. The show evokes natural amazement and laughter from those that witness the artistry. The experience is very strong and memorable because the magic personally involves your guests! Strolling magic is perfect for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, and any other event where a formal stage show is not possible. Additionally, it is the perfect ice-breaker to get people to talk and mingle with each other about a shared magical experience. Business associates, friends and guests will come together for a magical experience. Strolling magic is an unforgettable experience at its best!

Stage Shows  

Rafael offers a 45-60 minute stage show that will entertain audiences of up to 4,000 people. The show combines spectacular magic, music, illusions, audience participation and comedy. Your audience will be blown away by Rafael’s award winning show! In the show, 6 live doves will appear and disappear magically from his bare hands, minds will be read using impeccable clairvoyance, and if requested with an assistant, the duo will perform the signature “Gravity Girl” act. In addition, Rafael is available to perform illusions such as a levitation, the classic Hindu sword basket, the Houdini escape box-metamorphosis, a twister illusion, and as a grand finale, Rafael will create a snowstorm right before your very eyes!

Trade Shows and Marketing Events  

Rafael can incorporate your company’s message by announcing the benefits of your product and service by performing a customized magical presentation. The presentation is an extension of your sales team and the show is geared towards generating additional traffic, helping filter qualified leads, and to attract larger crowds to your trade show floor. Trade show spaces and exhibits cost thousands to create, and will you see a return on your investment if your exhibit magically stands out! It takes more than a fancy looking exhibit and brochures to attract traffic. Rafael will help the sales team filter the crowds by stopping traffic into your exhibit, educating people about your product and service, and finally qualifying leads so your sales staff is targeting prospects. Please call us today for additional information and insider secrets!

Professional magician, public speaker, and illusionist, based out of Los Angeles. We present amazing, hilarious, and breathtaking illusion shows, educational programs, and speaking engagements, for adults and kids. We're available for events all over the world.

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