Pirate Magic Show

Pirate and kid

Avast ye, hearties! Thank you for considering our magic show for your event or party. During our hour-long performance, you can expect to witness doves appearing in the captain’s hands, straight from Davy Jones’ locker! Yo-ho-ho with the crew as an ordinary table magically levitates towards bewildered buccaneers, and watch in shock and awe while the captain and his pirate assistant appear and disappear from nowhere, leaving the crew to wonder what is going on.

Pirate magician

The Magic of Rafael’s pirate magic show is popular in county fairs and festivals near and far. We are available to perform large magic illusions that can be seen by thousands of people and that are sure to be raved about by pirate lovers for years to come! Alternatively, if you are interested in booking our show for school or library programs, our crew is happy to bring magical joy to wee lads and lassies; we strive to incorporate the importance of reading and utilizing all the resources that the library has available! As with our non-themed magic show, we use music, contests, audience participation, comedy and more to educate and entertain children of all ages and backgrounds.

Our ship is always ready to set sail: we provide all the equipment needed to make the show a stellar success. We will arrive fully equipped with an 800 watt sound system and microphones that will reach approximately 1,000 indoor guests. For larger audiences, we are able to patch our sound into a larger PA system or DJ system.

We are an experienced pirate act and have performed our pirate magic at countless private parties, schools, libraries, birthday parties and corporate events. In addition, we work with the top Hollywood pirate group and have participated in several pirate events and festivals such as the Ventura Harbor Pirate Days in Ventura, California and the Long Beach Pirate Festival. For clients who are seeking to immerse their event in the full pirate experience, we are able to connect you with our friends that can supply your event with pirate props, pirate decorations, pirate waiters, pirate bartenders and popular pirate look-alike performers such as Davy Jones, Captain Hook and many more. Most of these spectacular actors have worked on famous pirate-themed sets, including the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies!

The Pirate Magic of Rafael is available as a bilingual act and can be performed in English, or en Español. So make haste, landlubbers: be sure ye catch the pirate magic, before we walk the plank!

Show Features

➼ Whip Cracking
➼ Sword Fighting
➼ Pirate Music
➼ “Talk Like a Pirate” Lessons
➼ Pirate Stories
➼ Pirate History
…& much more!

Please call us if you need references, recommendation letters or more detailed information. We have different packages available for any size event or budget!

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